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Traditional media going new….TBD!

Interesting article in The Australian today about Beeb (BBC’s online venture) going social with a plan to establish social communities around their popular TV shows like 5th Gear.

No timeframe set…..that’s the catch.


Newspapers vs News……

Attending another great Fourth Estate Domain Networking Night with guest speaker Jack Matthews (Fairfax Digital CEO).  What came out of this great session tonight for me was Jack’s recurring focus on the Fairfax brand(s) value proposition vs web site “eyeball”/visitor targets.   I seem to agree with him with respect to brand experiences online (seeing I’m quite passionate about this) and it should be every media company’s imperative to build and drive long term brand value vs. short term revenue gains.

In simple terms – who know where MySpace will be in 5 years time?  We are already seeing MySpace unique visitors (UV) per month reduced in recent times.  Is this a sign?

Great points Jack!  Interested to see what the new “watch this space” announcements will be in the next few weeks!